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About Butch’s Auto Repair

Auto Repair syracuse ny

In 1974, Butch Strutz and Mike Butler formed Butch’s & Mike’s Auto & Machine Repair, which primarily built and balanced racing engines. The auto repair shop located in Liverpool, New York quickly evolved into working on cars and trucks too. Their auto repair shop continued to expand year after year, but the partnership dissolved. That is when Butch’s Automotive Repair emerged.

A new and modern auto repair was designed and constructed into the Butch’s Automotive that you know today in Liverpool, New York. In 1993, a transmission rebuilding facility with the latest automotive technology and equipment was added providing the same quality and service that Butch’s has provided for almost 25 years.

Our auto repair shop always stands by giving you the best quality and service when is comes to helping you get back on the road again. That is why Butch ensures all auto equipment and parts are top quality, along with experts in the automotive field to perform auto repair or auto maintenance on your vehicle.

Start with the experts.
All of our technicians are able to answer any automotive question you may have. We want to provide you with the best auto repair and transmission service in New York, which is why our employees have years of experience and education in automotive and machinery, so your vehicle is safe with us! Plus, their love for working on vehicles makes learning a continuing process for our employees. We would not be able to provide quality service without our expert auto repair staff here at Butch’s Auto.
Finish with quality service.
We always want to give you the best auto service possible. This is why Butch’s uses only top quality auto parts coupled with top quality staff. Nothing is more important to us than providing New York with quality auto and truck repair services to ensure you get to where you need to be. So allow our customer service team to take care of you from start to finish, while our auto mechanics take care of your vehicle to get you back on the road again.

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